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Console operations

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:32

This topic describes how to use the Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) console to perform operations with respect to KEC instances and related features such as images, Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes, and snapshots. Typical tasks include operating instances, changing images, expanding EBS volumes, changing instance configurations, and setting snapshots.


A KEC instance is a virtual server that consists of basic computing components such as the CPU, memory, operating system, network, and disks. It is a standalone unit for Kingsoft Cloud to provide users with cloud services. The following operations are common for using instances:


The following operations are common for configuring the network for an instance:


An image is a copy of the physical environment in which you use your KEC instance. An image consists of the operating system and software applications of the instance. You can use the image of an instance to create a custom image that may be used by other instances. The following operations are common for using images:


A snapshot is the data backup of a disk. You can roll back to a snapshot to return to the data environment when the snapshot was created. You can also define an automatic snapshot policy to back up your disk data on a regular basis. The following operations are common for using snapshots:


Disks provide storage for your KEC instance. Local disks are created together with your instance. You can also buy EBS volumes and mount them to the instance. The following operations are common for using disks:

Configuration change and instance type change

Kingsoft Cloud allows you to change the configurations or type of your KEC instance, which eliminates the inconvenience that you may experience to buy an instance once again. You can upgrade the configurations of your instance upon shutdown or perform online upgrade. The relevant common operations are as follows:

Key-based login

Kingsoft Cloud supports key-based login for improved security. The following operations are common for using a key for login:

Disaster tolerance group

A disaster tolerance group is a collection of KEC instances provided to ensure high availability. The KEC instances of a same disaster tolerance group are absolutely distributed on different physical machines. If one of the KEC instances fails to provide cloud services, other KEC instances will not be affected and run normally. The following operations are common for using disaster tolerance groups:

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