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What is Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute?

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:31

Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) is an important part of the cloud computing infrastructure provided by Kingsoft Cloud. It offers simple, efficient, secure and reliable computing services with flexible and scalable processing capacity, enabling you to easily perform Internet-scale computing and deploy your required server environment. KEC is simpler, more efficient, more secure, and more stable than physical servers. You can configure it at any time based on business needs to improve operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency without purchasing any hardware. Additionally, you can pay on demand for higher cost-effectiveness.


Before using KEC, you need to understand the following concepts:

  • Regions and availability zones: The physical locations where KEC resources are distributed.

  • Instance: Equivalent to a virtual machine, which provides high-performance computing resources. An instance consists of basic computing components such as vCPUs, memory, operating system, and network.

  • Image: The template of the environment in which KEC instances operate. An image generally includes the operating system and pre-installed software. The operating system supports multiple Linux releases and Windows versions.

  • Snapshot: The backup of the data stored on an Elastic Block Storage (EBS) disk at a certain time.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPC): A virtual network environment built by Kingsoft Cloud. It is isolated from other resources.
  • Elastic IP (EIP): A static public IP address for dynamic networks. You can bind an EIP to any KEC instance.

  • Security group: A virtual firewall and a logical group. KEC instances with the same requirements for network security and isolation and in the same region can be added to the same security group.

  • Disaster tolerance group: A collection of KEC instances that are absolutely distributed to different physical machines. This distribution mode improves service availability. KEC instances can be added to or removed from a disaster tolerance group.

  • Reserved instance package: A type of voucher that can automatically match a Pay-As-You-Go instance under your account and offset the bill of the instance. Compared with the Subscription billing mode, the combination of a reserved instance package and a Pay-As-You-Go instance can help you save costs and improve KEC use flexibility.

How to use

You can use KEC through one of the following methods:

  • Console: Kingsoft Cloud provides a web service page for you to manage and configure KEC instances. For information about operations of the console, see User Guide.

  • API: Kingsoft Cloud provides the KEC API for you to manage KEC instances.

  • SDK: Kingsoft Cloud provides SDKs in different languages. You can program with the SDKs to call the KEC API.
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