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How can I configure the startup file in the KVM environment?

Last updated:2020-06-08 17:11:54

Create C:\boot.bat script for automatic start. The following is an example of configuring the startup file for Windows 2016 in the KVM environment.

  1. Enable file name extension.

  2. Right-click the blank area to create an empty C:\boot.bat file with the suffix of ".bat". After that, you can disable file name extension.

The file can be hidden to prevent deletion by mistake. Right-click the file C:\boot.bat created, select "Attributes", and then select "Hidden" to hide the file.

  1. Click the Search icon, and enter "gpedit.msc".

  2. Choose "Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts", click "Logon", and then click "Add". Select "Browse" in the pop-up window, and then add the C:\boot.bat file.

  3. Click "OK" to complete the file addition.
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