IPv6 configuration guide

Last updated:2020-06-09 09:54:23

This topic describes the process of using and configuring IPv6 addresses for KEC instances. The general steps are shown in the following table.

Procedure Description
1. Build an IPv6 VPC environment IPv4 is used by default for the VPC associated with KEC instances. To use IPv6, you must first set up an IPv6 VPC environment.
2. Assign IPv6 addresses to KEC instances After IPv6-enabled VPC and subnet are selected, the system will automatically assign IPv6 addresses to KEC instances.
3. Enable IPv6 public network bandwidth By default, IPv6 addresses configured for KEC instances only support communication in the VPC. To use the IPv6 addresses to access the public network, you must enable IPv6 public network bandwidth.
4. Use IPv6 auto-configuration tool If KEC instances cannot automatically discover IPv6 addresses, it is recommended that you use the configuration tool to automatically obtain IPv6 addresses.

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