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Billing modes

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:16

This topic describes the pricing of KEC, including the billing modes and prices of different KEC instance types.

Billing modes

KEC supports the following billing modes:

  • Subscription: This is a prepaid billing mode. You must pay the KEC service for one or more months or years at a time before the service can be used. This billing mode is applicable to scenarios in which the device demand is estimated in advance. The price of this billing mode is lower than that of the Pay-As-You-Go billing mode. However, resources cannot be released on demand.
  • Pay-By-Daily-Config: This is a postpaid billing mode. Resources are billed per day and you pay the bill monthly. Any usage less than one day will be calculated as one day. This billing mode is applicable to fixed 24/7 services, traffic burst, or temporary scaling tests. It supports on-demand release of resources, and the price is slightly higher than that of the Subscription billing mode.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: This is a flexible billing mode. Resources are billed per second and no upfront payment is needed. The bill is paid every hour on the hour. This billing mode is applicable to scenarios where the device demand will sharply fluctuate, such as flash sale on e-commerce websites. The unit price is higher than that of the Pay-By-Daily-Config billing mode.

  • Spot Instance: This is a new billing mode that aims at providing cost-effective computing services and saving your usage costs. This is a postpaid mode that allows you to purchase an instance with the same performance as a Pay-As-You-Go instance at a discount of 10% to 90%.

For more information about the usage notes and limits for each billing mode, see Billing modes of KEC instances.

Detailed prices

For more information about the detailed prices of different instance types, see KEC pricing.

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