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Overview of KEC

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:31

This topic describes the basics of KEC, including features, benefits, and instance types.


KEC is an important part of cloud computing infrastructure provided by Kingsoft Cloud. KEC provides simple, efficient, secure, and reliable computing services with elastic scaling, which allows developers to perform Internet-scale computing and to deploy the server environment as needed easily.

You can use KEC by using the console, API, and SDK.

For more information, see What is Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute?

Features and benefits

Compared with traditional physical servers, the application of KEC is simpler, more efficient, safer, and more stable. You can allocate resources based on business requirements without the need to purchase hardware.

  • Multiple types of KEC instances available in multiple regions and availability zones allow you to quickly create instances and back up data.

  • KEC provides elasticity in computing, storage, and network services. This improves resource utilization and reduce costs.

  • KEC is secure and easy-to-use with high data reliability, meeting your requirements for data security and reliability in different scenarios.

For more information, see Features and benefits.

KEC instance types

The following table describes the KEC instance types provided by Kingsoft Cloud and their applicable scenarios.

Instance type Scenario
General Purpose or Standard Provides balanced computing, memory, and network resources, and is applicable to enterprise-class applications of most types and scales.
I/O Optimized Provides high random IOPS, high throughput, and low access latency, and is applicable to databases with high workloads that require high disk I/O, low latency, and high throughput.
Compute Optimized Applicable to scenarios that require high computing performance and high concurrent read/write speed, such as MMORPGs, MOBA games, and high-workload web applications.
Basic Provides high cost-effectiveness, and is applicable to scenarios such as web application servers and lightweight enterprise services.

For more information about configurations and availability zones for each instance type, see KEC instance types.

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