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KEC instance

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:07

  1. How can I restore a KEC instance to the status a week ago? A KEC instance cannot be restored to the status a week ago if no snapshot and image are created. A KEC instance can be rolled back to the status a week ago if snapshots and images are created.
  2. Can KEC instances interconnect with each other over the internal network? KEC instances under the same account in the same non-VPC data center (data center dedicated for the financial or government industry) are interconnected. Different accounts are isolated from each other. Access between KEC instances under the same account in the same VPC can be controlled using ACLs, and access between instances under the same account in different VPCs can be controlled using Peering.
  3. Why does freezing and packet loss happen to a KEC instance? All bandwidth is occupied. It is recommended that you upgrade the bandwidth plan.
  4. Why does the reset operation fails when I reset the password of a KEC instance in the console? Changing a password relies on the internal DNS service of KEC. Do not modify the DNS service address. Otherwise, the password fails to be changed.
  5. Why does the remote connection to a KEC instance in a VPC fail? A KEC instance in a VPC cannot be accessed directly. If remote access is required, you need to add the KEC instance to a security group, and then set protocols in inbound and outbound security group rules to control the access.
  6. What do I do if the message "The referenced account is locked currently and the login may fail" appears when I log in to a Windows KEC instance? Security setting determines the number of failed login attempts that cause your account to be locked. The locked account cannot be used until the administrator resets it or the account locking period expires. You can set the number of failed login attempts to a value between 0 and 999. If the value is set to 0, the account will never be locked. This issue can be solved by shutting down the KEC instance and reinstalling the system. If it is not convenient to reinstall the system on your computer, you can contact the background personnel to help you unlock your account.
  7. What do I do if the system displays "The password is incorrect" when I log in to a Windows KEC instance for the first time? The default user name of a Windows KEC instance is kingsoft. If you forget the password, you can shut down the KEC instance first through the console, and then choose "More > Reset Password" to reset the instance password.
  8. What internal network services does Kingsoft Cloud provide at present? At present, Kingsoft Cloud provides the following internal network services: DNS: resolves internal service domain names of Kingsoft Cloud. For example, domain names of the following internal services can be resolved using DNS. YUM software source image: provides software sources such as CentOS, EPEL, and RepoForge, which can save external network traffic and accelerate software package download. Time synchronization: calibrates the server time faster to keep the time consistent among several servers.
  9. Will the VNC service be installed by default in CentOS? The CentOS image provided by Kingsoft Cloud is a standard image, and the VNC service is not installed by default. For detailed installation and configuration, visit
  10. How can I log in to a KEC instance that does not have a public IP address? For a KEC instance without public network bandwidth purchased, the system will not assign a public IP address. In this case, you need another KEC instance with a public IP address to access the KEC instance over the internal network.
  11. Why can't I access services on my KEC instance? Please check your firewall settings first. To enhance the KEC instance security, each firewall does not contain any rule in initial state, and all ports are closed. You need to create rules to open corresponding ports.
  12. Does KEC provide Ubuntu image sources for download? Yes. Different image sources for different Ubuntu versions can be downloaded (DNS must be added first).
  13. Is the unusual process such as b26h a Kingsoft Cloud-deployed system process? Kingsoft Cloud provides standard system images, and the system processes are regular standard processes. If there is an unusual process, your KEC instance may experience security risks. It is recommended that you install KHS to troubleshoot security issues such as Trojans, viruses, and zombie computers. If necessary, you can reinstall the system, change the password, or use a key instead of a password for login.
  14. Does KEC support the deployment of VPN? Kingsoft Cloud provides KEC instances only. You can deploy application layer services as needed. You can try to deploy a VPN by using OpenVPN.
  15. How large is the system disk of a KEC instance? The free system disk capacity is 50 GB for a KEC instance. The system disk size of a KEC instance is as follows:
    • Linux KEC instance that uses local disks: 20-100 GB
    • Windows KEC instance that uses local disks: 50-100 GB
    • Linux KEC instance that uses EBS volumes: 20-500 GB
    • Windows KEC instance that uses EBS volumes: 50-500 GB
  16. How much DDoS attack traffic can a single KEC instance prevent against? At present, a single KEC instance provides a basic bandwidth of up to 5 Gbit/s to prevent against DDoS attacks. If the peak value of the attack traffic is over 5 Gbit/s, traffic blackholing will be performed immediately. The blackholing duration is at least 24 hours, and the specific duration depends on the amount of the attack traffic. If you experience DDoS attacks frequently, it is recommended that you purchase the Kingsoft Cloud Advanced Defense (KAD) service.
  17. After a website is deployed on a KEC instance, where can I find the logs? Generally, different web servers (such as Apache and NGINX) may be stored in different places. You can check whether there is a file containing "log" in the background through FTP, and this file is the log file. Common footprints in logs include: GoogleBot for Google web bots, BaiDuSpider for Baidu web bots, and InktomiSlurp for Yahoo web bots.
  18. Can I purchase multiple KEC instances and only one bandwidth package to allow all instances to access the Internet by sharing the bandwidth? You can do this by using Bandwidth Share (BWS). You can add multiple EIPs to one BWS plan to enable multiple KEC instances to connect to the Internet.
  19. How many images can be created for each KEC instance? Up to three images can be created for each KEC instance. The total number of images retained in current data centers cannot exceed three times the number of KEC instances created at present.
  20. What is the relationship between CPU load and utilization of a KEC instance? CPU load is the statistical information of the number of processes that are being processed by CPU and waiting for CPU to process over a period of time, while utilization refers to usage of processing resources. If a process keeps using CPU, the CPU utilization may reach 100%. CPU load and utilization are not correlated necessarily, but both of them can be used as a reference for specific usage of CPU.
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