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Reinstall the operating system

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:31


Kingsoft Cloud allows you to reinstall the operating system of a KEC instance for the purpose of fault recovery or for changing the type and version of its operating system.

Type of the operating system to be reinstalled

KEC instances in all regions and availability zones allow you to reinstall the same type of operating system. You can reinstall another Windows version on a Windows KEC instance, or another Linux version on a Linux KEC instance.

KEC instances in mainland China can also be reinstalled with another type of operating system. A Linux KEC instance may be reinstalled to a Linux or Windows KEC instance, and a Window KEC instance to a Windows or Linux KEC instance. Such switching between Windows and Linux operating systems is not supported in any other region.

The free capacity is 50 GB for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Precautions on billing

If the system disk is not resized, you are not charged for reinstalling the operating system. Instance types that support system disk resizing during re-installation are E1, N2, N3, S3, C3, I3, S4, C4, and I4.

For the above instance types, if the system disk is expanded in re-installation, the difference in disk capacity will be charged. For the relevant pricing, see EBS pricing.


Before you reinstall the operating system, you must back up important data and stop the instance. Schedule the re-installation to suit your business needs.


  1. Log in to the KEC console.

  2. On the Instance page, select a KEC instance for which you want to reinstall the system from the instance list, and then choose More > Reinstall System above the instance list.

  3. Set parameters on the Reinstall System page.

    You must pay attention to the configuration of the following parameters:

    • Image Type: Standard Image, Custom Image, Shared Image, and Image Marketplace are optional for your image type. You have to buy an image if it is provided on the Image Marketplace. If you have any questions about the image you buy, contact the image supplier.
    • System Disk: Resizing of the system disk is supported. The capacity of the new system disk cannot be less than that of the original one. Instance types that support resizing of the system disk are E1, N2, N3, S3, C3, I3, S4, C4, and I4.
    • Login Mode: You can choose from Password, Key, and Retain Image Settings. The Standard Image type does not support the Retain Image Settings login option. The Image Marketplace type supports only the Retain Image Settings login option.
    • Administrator Password/Confirm Password: If you select the Password login method, you must set the system login password. The password must contain 8 to 32 characters, which must include uppercase and lowercase letters as well as digits. Supported special characters include ! " $ % ( ) * + - / ; : < = > ? @ [ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~.
    • SSH Key: If you select the Key login method, you must select a login key from the SSH key list, or click Create SSH Key to create a key pair. For detailed steps on SSH keys, see Manage key pairs.
  4. Click OK.
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