Restart an instance

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:31

If you restart an instance in the console, the effect is equivalent to restarting the operating system of your local computer. If your KEC instance cannot be normally restarted, use Forced Restart.


  • Only an instance in Running state can be restarted. If it is in Stopped state, you must start it before you restart it.

  • Be careful with your restart operation. It will stop your instance and terminate your business.

  • Forced restart may cause loss of data or corruption of the file system on your KEC instance. Before the operation, we recommend that you back up the KEC instance data with a snapshot to safeguard important data.


  1. Log in to the KEC console.

  2. On the Instance page, select one or more KEC instances that you want to restart from the instance list and then click Restart above the instance list.

  3. In the Restart Server dialog box, set the restart mode to Restart or Forced Restart.

    If you set the restart mode to Forced Restart, you must select Confirm Forced Restart.

  4. Click OK.

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