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Billing modes of disaster tolerance groups

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:31

KEC provides the disaster tolerance group feature. A disaster tolerance group is billed based on the number of times KEC instances are added to the group. Each time a KEC instance is added to the disaster tolerance group, fees are incurred.

Currently, the disaster tolerance group feature is in its free trial period. KEC instances that are added to disaster tolerance groups during this period will not incur group usage fees. We recommend that you configure appropriate disaster tolerance groups for your KEC instances as soon as possible.

After the disaster tolerance group feature is commercially released, note the following items when you use this feature:

  • If you configure a disaster tolerance group for KEC instances, the system will charge you based on the billing rule.

  • No refund is provided for the disaster tolerance group feature. If you remove a KEC instance from a disaster tolerance group, you will not obtain a refund.

  • The fee of a disaster tolerance group is not related to the duration that KEC instances stay in this disaster tolerance group.
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