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Reserved instance packages

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:32

A reserved instance package is a type of coupon that can automatically match a Pay-As-You-Go instance in your account and offset the bill of the instance. Compared with the Subscription billing mode, the combination of a reserved instance package and a Pay-As-You-Go instance can help you save costs and improve KEC use flexibility.

A reserved instance package allows you to obtain instances that deliver the same performance as Subscription instances at a cost of 40% to 80% lower than Pay-As-You-Go instances.


  • You want to release the original instance from the original availability zone and create a new instance in another availability zone.
  • You have created a great number of Pay-As-You-Go instances, and hope to reduce the costs.
  • You want to pay on demand to reduce costs.


  • Reserved instance packages can only offset the bills of Pay-As-You-Go instances.
  • A reserved instance package cannot be manually matched with a Pay-As-You-Go instance. It automatically matches an active Pay-As-You-Go instance based on the package configuration, including the data center, instance type, and image. The CPU and memory size for an instance do not affect whether the bill of the instance is deductible.
  • A reserved instance package can be used only to offset the bill of a Pay-As-You-Go instance within the validity period of the package.

Discount range

Discounts of reserved instance packages apply only to the CPU and memory, and not to resources such as the network and storage. Discounts are subject to the instance type, instance configuration, and purchased duration. For more information, see Reserved instance package price information.

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