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Unmount a local data disk

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:31

This topic describes how to unmount a local data disk.

Unmount a local data disk in Linux

  1. Enter df -h to view the mounted data disks.


  2. Unmount a data disk.

    In this example, vda1 is a system disk, which cannot be unmounted. The data disk to be unmounted is named vdb.

    umount /dev/vdb    
  3. Enter df -h to view the mounted data disks once again.


Unmount a local data disk in Windows

  1. Launch Server Manager.

  2. Click File and Storage Services and choose Volume > Disk to view the mounted data disks.

  3. If you do not want to perform data backup, delete the volume as follows:

    a. Select the data disk that you want to unmount in the disk section on the top of the page.

    b. In the Volumes section in the lower part of the page, right-click the volume to be deleted and select Delete Volume.

  4. To retain the existing data of a data disk, use the bringing disk offline feature. Right-click the data disk in the disk section and select Offline.
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