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Features and benefits

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:16

Multiple options

KEC provides a full set of diverse services for you to choose based on your specific business scenarios.

  • Multiple types

    Kingsoft Cloud provides multiple types of KEC instances, including I/O Optimized, Compute Optimized, General Purpose, Standard, and Basic, for different scenarios and industries. For more information, see KEC instance types.

  • Multiple regions and availability zones

    Kingsoft Cloud resources are distributed in different availability zones of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Russia regions to ensure fault isolation between availability zones. This ensures that your business is always online and services are highly available in the same region. For more information, see Regions and availability zones.


Cloud computing features high elasticity in compute, storage, and networking. KEC supports flexible scaling. You can purchase KEC instances on demand, thereby minimizing your operating costs and maximizing resource utilization. You can upgrade your configurations of vCPUs, memory, and disks at any time based on your business change. This way, you can meet the elastic resource demand imposed by applications whose business volumes are in sharp fluctuation.

Fast creation and backup

  • Fast creation

    You can create KEC instances with a few simple operations and start a hundred KEC instances in minutes. Custom images can be used to create instances and reinstall systems.

  • Fast backup

    You can back up data on system and data disks to achieve quick data restoration.

Fast creation and backup

  • Fast creation

    One-click creation to start hundreds of instances in minutes. Custom images are supported to create instances and reinstall systems.

  • Fast backup

    You can back up data on system and data disks to achieve quick data restoration.

High availability and reliability

  • Reliable instances

    KEC instances provide availability of 99.95% and can be seamlessly migrated in case of downtime, ensuring high service availability.

  • Reliable disks

    Reliability of data on local disks is no less than 99.999%. EBS provides a professional triplicate storage policy to eliminate single points of failure and ensure data reliability. You can rest assured to place your data on the cloud without worrying about their loss.

  • Disaster tolerance deployment

    Your KEC instances are absolutely distributed on different physical machines to improve service availability.


  • Multiple login methods

    KEC supports multiple login methods, including WebVNC login and SSH key login.

  • Protection

    Your KEC instances bound with elastic IP addresses enjoy charge-free protection against 5 Gbit/s DDoS attacks. Kingsoft Cloud Host Security (KHS) safeguards and recovers your servers and websites against brute force attacks, Trojan viruses, and system and website vulnerabilities.

  • VPC

    The VPC feature provides flexible network planning options to help you build an isolated private network in Kingsoft Cloud.

  • Monitoring and statistics

    Various monitoring metrics with flexible threshold settings are provided. Alerts can be immediately sent through emails and SMS messages.

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