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Create a Spot Instance

Last updated:2021-08-04 11:26:31

A Spot Instance provides you with high-performance computing resources at highly discounted price. The performance of your Spot Instance is the same as that of KEC instances that use billing modes such as Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go.


  • A Spot Instance may be automatically released by the system. Therefore, we recommend that you store mission-critical data on media such as an EBS volume, which will not be released together with the instance. Otherwise, your data may be lost due to the release of a Spot Instance.
  • We recommend that you back up computing results on a regular basis. This way, you can have better experience of using Spot Instances.


  1. Log in to the KEC console.

  2. On the Instance page, click Create Instance.

  3. Set Billing Mode to Spot Instance.

  4. Set other parameters as needed. For more information, see Create an instance by using the wizard.

  5. Click Buy Now to submit the order and pay.

  6. Confirm order information and then click Submit Order.

View results

  • After a Spot Instance is created, you can view it in the instance list on the Instance page of the console. Its billing mode is Spot Instance.

  • After a Spot Instance is started, it is in a "Hold for an hour" service; that is, it will not be automatically released within an hour. If an automatic-release policy is triggered after the period expires, the system will alert you 10 minutes in advance through internal messages, SMS messages, and emails so that you can immediately save your data.

  • You can view the state of your request for Spot Instances on the Billing > Order Management interface. If your request fails, the service state will be marked as Failed and the cause of the failure (such as out of stock or excessive number) will be provided.
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