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Quick Start

Last updated:2024-03-28 14:41:32

This topic describes how to get started with Kingsoft Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Kingsoft Cloud CDN supports wildcard domain names. Comply with the following rules when you use wildcard domain names.

Wildcard domain name


A wildcard domain name is a domain name that contains a wildcard character (). You can configure a wildcard domain name to enable CDN acceleration for all subdomain names of a domain name. For example, you can add [] as a domain name. After the domain name is added, a CNAME domain name is generated. Then, all the subdomain names of, such as, support CDN acceleration.

Note: The wildcard domain name feature applies to only download services.

Use rules

  • A wildcard domain name can contain only one wildcard character, and must start with the wildcard character, for example, *
  • Acceleration services are billed based on the wildcard domain name. Kingsoft Cloud does not provide billing data for a specific subdomain name.
  • Statistical data is provided based on the wildcard domain name in the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console. Statistical data for a wildcard domain name include the data about bandwidth, traffic, and requests. You can query statistical data for a wildcard domain name in the console. You can query such data for subdomain names of a wildcard domain name by using the Kingsoft Cloud CDN API.
  • You can modify a wildcard domain name after it is added.: To do so, log in to the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console, click Configure in the left navigation pane, find the wildcard domain name, and click Manage in the Operate column.
  • Wildcard domain names do not support the refresh and perfetch feature.
  • You can configure a certificate for a wildcard domain name.
  • If a wildcard domain name or its subdomain name, for example, * or, has been added by another Kingsoft Cloud account, you cannot add this wildcard domain name or subdomain name by using the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console or API with your Kingsoft Cloud account. If you add such a wildcard domain name or subdomain name, the error shown in the following figure is reported.
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