2. Add a domain name

Last updated:2021-07-20 11:46:34

To add a domain name, perform the following steps:

You can add a domain name for VOD, large file download, small image file delivery, or HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) in the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console. If you want to add a domain name for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) or HDL (HTTP-FLV) live streaming, go to the Kingsoft Live Service (KLS) console. You can also add a domain name for HLS in the KLS console.

Step 1: Add a domain name

After the Kingsoft Cloud CDN service is activated, you can log in to the (Kingsoft Cloud CDN console), click Configure in the left navigation pane, and then click Add Domain Name to add a domain name.


Step 2: Enter basic information about the domain name

Set basic parameters, including the domain name, business type, acceleration region, and origin type.



  • If the domain name points to a server that is located in Mainland China, the domain name must have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing. If you are applying for an ICP filing for the domain name and the ICP filing has not been issued, or the domain name does not have an ICP filing, the domain name cannot be added. You can add only one domain name each time. Make sure that the domain name has not been added before.

Step 3: Confirm the operation

After the basic information is entered, click Add. In the confirm message, you can click Continue adding to add another domain name or click Back to domain name list to view the domain name information, such as the domain name status and CNAME.


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