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List of operations by function

Last updated:2021-04-26 17:29:25

List of operations by function

Service operation

Operation Description
GetBillingMode Queries the current billing mode.

Domain name list service

Operation Description
GetCdnDomains Queries domain names.
StartStopCdnDomain Enables or disables a domain name.
DeleteCdnDomain Deletes a domain name.
GetValidDomainList Queries valid domain names.

Basic domain name configuration

Operation Description
GetCdnDomainBasicInfo Queries basic information about a domain name.
AddCdnDomain Adds a domain name.
ModifyCdnDomainBasicInfo Modifies basic information about a domain name.

Detailed domain name configuration

Operation Description
GetDomainConfigs Queries detailed configurations of a domain name.
SetIgnoreQueryStringConfig Configures the parameter filter.
SetBackOriginHostConfig Configures a back-to-origin host.
SetReferProtectionConfig Configures referer-based hotlinking prevention.
SetCacheRuleConfig Configures cache policies.
BlockDomainUrl Blocks or unblocks URLs.
GetBlockUrlTask Queries the progress and status of URL blocking or unblocking tasks.
GetBlockUrlQuota Queries the URL blocking quota.
SetIpProtectionConfig Configures an IP address blacklist or whitelist.
SetVideoSeekConfig Configures video seeking.
SetHttpHeadersConfig Configures an HTTP response header.
DeleteHttpHeadersConfig Deletes an HTTP response header.
GetHttpHeaderList Queries HTTP response headers.
SetForceRedirectConfig Configures forcible redirection.
SetHttp2OptionConfig Configures HTTP 2.0.
SetPageCompressConfig Configures intelligent compression.
SetErrorPageConfig Configures custom error pages.
SetOriginAdvancedConfig Configures advanced back-to-origin.
SetRequestAuthConfig Configures hotlinking prevention based on the timestamp and shared key.

Content management

Operation Description
RefreshCaches Refreshes content.
PreloadCaches Prefetches content.
GetRefreshOrPreloadTask Queries the progress and status of refresh or prefetch tasks.
GetRefreshOrPreloadQuota Queries the operation quota.

CDN certificate management

Operation Description
GetCertificates Queries certificates.
SetCertificate Updates a certificate.
RemoveCertificates Deletes certificates.
ConfigCertificate Configures a certificate.
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