4. Configure a CNAME record

Last updated:2020-11-26 19:58:14

To configure a CNAME record, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain a CNAME domain name

After a domain name is added, Kingsoft Cloud CDN allocates a CNAME domain name with a suffix of .ks-cdn.com. You can obtain this CNAME domain name from the domain name list.


Step 2: Configure a CNAME record

After you obtain the CNAME domain name, you must configure a CNAME record on the DNS server of the domain name registrar to point the domain name to the CNAME domain name.

Step 3: Check whether the CNAME record takes effect for the domain name

You can check whether the CNAME record takes effect by pinging the domain name. If the destination domain name of the ping command is changed to the CNAME domain name in the *.ksyuncdn.com format, the CNAME record takes effect and Kingsoft Cloud CDN is serving you.


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