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Last updated:2021-03-17 10:52:30


If a Kingsoft Cloud CDN API operation is successfully called, the HTTP status code 200 is returned. Otherwise, the HTTP status code 400 is returned. The response is in the JSON format. The sample response in this topic is formatted for ease of reading. An actual response contains no line break or indention.

Successful call

If an API operation is successfully called, result data is returned with the HTTP status code 200. No uniform format is specified for the data returned after an API operation is successfully called. For more information, see the format of data returned for each API operation.

Failed call

If an API operation fails to be called, no result data is returned. The HTTP response contains the HTTP status code 400, detailed error information including the error code and message, and the request ID. For more information about the error codes, see Usage notes. If you cannot locate the error cause, contact Kingsoft Cloud customer service and provide the request ID for help. JSON format:

  "Error": {
    "Type": "Sender",
    "Code": "DomainNotFound",
    "Message": "Through the domain name ID did not find the domain name information.receive domainId:2D091RBQ"
  "RequestId": "4f2a7abe05524b3fbbbe0b89d0548329"
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