API overview

Last updated:2021-03-17 10:50:57

API overview

Welcome to use Kingsoft Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN). By using the API described in this topic, you can perform related operations on Kingsoft Cloud CDN. For example, you can add a domain name, modify domain name configurations, and query statistical analysis data.

Kingsoft Cloud CDN API

The Kingsoft Cloud CDN API consists of the following modules:

  • Service configuration: provides the API operations for domain name configuration, such as those for adding a domain name, modifying basic domain name information, configuring a back-to-origin host, configuring referer-based hotlinking prevention, and configuring a test URL. You can call these API operations to add, configure, delete, enable, and disable domain names.

  • Statistical analysis: provides the API operations for statistical analysis, such as those for analyzing the bandwidth, traffic, hit rate, number of requests, status codes, Internet Service Provider (ISP) ratio, and domain name ranking. You can call these API operations to monitor the resource consumption of domain names and collect detailed statistics on multiple statistical items at multiple granularities.

  • Content management: provides the API operations for content management, such as those for refreshing content, prefetching content, querying the refresh or prefetch progress, and querying the operation quota. You can call these API operations to manage content for domain names.

  • Log management: provides the API operations for log service management and log download. You can call these API operations to manage and query the status of the log service for domain names and download logs.

  • Advanced tools: provides advanced tool API operations that allow you to analyze business by using the Kingsoft Cloud CDN API.

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