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Data source, bandwidth, and service

Last updated:2020-11-26 20:02:03

1. Aside from certificate-based acceleration, does Kingsoft Cloud provide pseudo origin servers, to which files such as .apk and .zip packages can be uploaded so that edge nodes can obtain data from these pseudo origin servers?

A: You can use a KS3 bucket as your origin server.

2. What is the total bandwidth that Kingsoft Cloud can offer?

A: Kingsoft Cloud has a bandwidth reserve of 100 Tbit/s to satisfy your needs. Inform us in advance if you are anticipating surge in traffic or special events, so that we can dedicate more attention to ensuring service quality for you.

3. Does Kingsoft Cloud provide bandwidth alerts?

A: Yes.

4. If I have a CDN-related question, how long will I have to wait for Kingsoft Cloud's response?

A: The response time is 1 minute for PO customers and 5 minutes for other customers.

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