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Last updated:2020-11-26 19:57:10

Accelerated domain name

An accelerated domain name is a domain name to which you want to apply the acceleration services of Kingsoft Cloud CDN. A domain name can represent IP addresses of multiple servers, for example, a website server, an email server, and an FTP server. Compared with an IP address, a domain name is easy to memorize and use.

CNAME record

A canonical name (CNAME) record is a domain name record used for domain name resolution.

CNAME domain name

After you add an accelerated domain name by using the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console or API, Kingsoft Cloud CDN allocates a CNAME domain name to the accelerated domain name. The CNAME domain name is in the * format. You need to configure a CNAME record on the DNS server to point your domain name to the CNAME domain name in the * format. After the record takes effect, Kingsoft Cloud CDN takes over the domain name resolution. All requests to your domain name are forwarded to nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN.


A DNS is a distributed database that contains mapping between domain names and IP addresses. A DNS converts domain names to IP addresses that are recognizable to network devices. Domain names are easy to memorize, but network devices can recognize only IP addresses. One domain name can be converted to one IP address. The conversion process is called domain name resolution. The conversion is completed by a DNS server automatically.
For example, when you access in a browser, the domain name is automatically converted to

Edge node

An edge node is also called a CDN node or cache node. An edge node is closer to users, compared with the origin server. Therefore, an edge node can respond to user requests and deliver content to users faster.

Origin server

An origin server is a business server of a customer.

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