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You can call this operation to update a certificate, which corresponds to the certificate editing feature of the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console. You can upload server certificates and private keys.

Request syntax

The API request contains the specified directory /2016-09-01/cert/SetCertificate, common request headers, and operation-specific request parameters. For more information, see the sample request.

Request parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
CertificateId Yes string The unique ID of the certificate.
CertificateName Yes String The name of the certificate.
ServerCertificate Yes String The content of the certificate.
PrivateKey Yes String The private key that corresponds to the certificate.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
CertificateId string The unique ID of the certificate.


Sample request

POST method:

POST /2016-09-01/statistics/SetCertificates 1.1
X-Amz-Date: date
Authorization:authorization string
x-action: SetCertificates 
x-version: 2016-09-01
Content-Type: application/json

    "CertificateId": 852,
    "CertificateName": "testone",
    "ServerCertificate": "====ServerCertificate====",
    "PrivateKey": "====PrivateKey===="

Sample response

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