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6. Delete a domain name

Last updated:2020-11-26 19:58:26

You can delete a domain name in the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console if the domain name is no longer in use. To delete a domain name, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Stop acceleration for the domain name

Log in to the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console, click Configure in the left navigation pane, and click Stop in the Operate column for the domain name.



  • You do not need to stop acceleration for domain names in the In Review and Review Failed states. You can delete them directly.

Step 2: Delete the domain name

Click Delete in the Operate column to delete the domain name. You can delete a domain name in the Stopped, In Review, or Review Failed state.


Step 3: Confirm the operation

In the confirm message, click Confirm to delete the domain name.


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