Create a bucket

Last updated:2021-09-14 16:17:51

Before you upload objects to KS3, you must create a bucket to store these objects. You can configure various attributes for a bucket, including metadata such as the region and access permissions.

For more information about the API operation for creating a bucket, see PUT Bucket.

The bucket name must conform to the naming rules and be unique in KS3. After a bucket is created, the bucket name cannot be changed.

Naming rules

  • The name can contain only lowercase letters, digits, periods (.), and hyphens (-).
  • The name must start with a lowercase letter or digit.
  • The name can contain 3 to 63 characters in length.
  • The name cannot be in the IP address format, such as
  • The name cannot start with kss.

Operation methods

Operation method Description
Console Web application, which is easy to use
SDK for Java Diversified and complete SDK demos in various languages
SDK for Python
SDK for Android
SDK for iOS
SDK for JavaScript
SDK for Node.js
SDK for C#
SDK for C/C++
SDK for Go

Permission control

You can configure an access control list (ACL) for a bucket when you create the bucket, and modify the ACL after the bucket is created. If no ACL is configured for a bucket, the bucket is private by default. For more information, see ACL.

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