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Last updated:2021-07-06 15:04:41

  1. The feature of AccessKey management for the Kingsoft Cloud account was moved to IAM on April 27, 2017. If an AccessKey is created for your Kingsoft Cloud account, you can use the AccessKey in KS3. The AccessKey can be disabled and deleted. However, you can neither enable the AccessKey after you disable it, nor create a new AccessKey.

View the AccessKey

If your Kingsoft Cloud account has an active AccessKey, you can click your account in the upper-right corner in the KS3 console and select Access Keys from the drop-down list.


  1. We recommend that you use the AccessKey in KS3. The KS3 AccessKey can be used only to access KS3, and cannot be used to access other Kingsoft Cloud products.

3. The AccessKey that you create for your Kingsoft Cloud account in the IAM console can be used to access all Kingsoft Cloud products, including KS3. We recommend that you manage your Kingsoft Cloud account and IAM users in the IAM console. For more information about IAM, see Introduction to IAM.

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