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Create cross-region replication rules

Last updated:2021-07-06 15:04:45

  • Cross-region replication enables you to automatically and asynchronously (in near real time) replicate objects across buckets in different regions, and synchronize object operations, including creation, overwriting, and deletion, from a source bucket to a destination bucket. Note:

    1. You can configure only one cross-region replication rule for each source bucket, but a source bucket can also serve as a destination bucket of another replication rule.
    2. You can add up to five prefixes for a cross-region replication rule, and the prefixes must be unique.
    3. Before deleting a bucket with replication enabled, you must disable replication.
    4. Before enabling cross-region replication for a bucket, make sure that no replication is enabled between the bucket and other buckets. For example, if you have enabled synchronization from Bucket A to Bucket B, you cannot enable synchronization from Bucket A to Bucket C unless you disable the synchronization from Bucket A to Bucket B. Similarly, if synchronization is enabled from Bucket A to Bucket B, you cannot enable synchronization from Bucket C to Bucket B, but you can enable synchronization from Bucket B to Bucket C (transfer), or from Bucket B to Bucket A (two-way replication).
    5. Data is replicated only once in cross-region replication. Therefore, data will not be replicated multiple times or cyclically during transfer or two-way replication.
    6. Cross-region replication is only applicable to the data generated after replication is enabled, and historical data is not replicated.


Enable cross-region replication

  1. Log in to the KS3 console.
  2. Click Bucket in the left navigation pane. On the page that appears, click the name of the bucket for which you want to enable cross-region replication.
  3. Click the Bucket Settings tab.
  4. Click Cross-region Replication. On the Cross-region Replication tab, click Enable Sync.
  5. In the Cross-region Replication panel, set the Destination Region and Destination Bucket parameters.
  6. Set the Data to Sync and Data Sync Policy parameters.
  7. Click OK.

Disable cross-region replication

To disable cross-region replication, click Disable Sync on the Cross-region Replication tab. After synchronization is disabled, the replicated data will be retained in the destination bucket, but subsequent incremental data in the source bucket will not be replicated to the destination bucket.

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