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Use an image style

Last updated:2021-11-02 17:53:48

KS3 enables you to process images by using native styles. To use a native image style, use @base@ to connect the source image URL and the style name. You can also use an image style by using the following string: Source image URL@style@Style name.


Source image

Take a sample image in the test bucket as an example. You can access this image by using the following URL:


You can add the text watermark Kingsoft Cloud to the preceding image. Two options are available to access the watermarked image:

Option 1:|tag=imgWaterMark&type=2&dissolve=65&gravity=NorthWest&text=6YeR5bGx5LqR&font=6buR5L2T&fill=I2ZmMA==&fontsize=500&dy=10&dx=10

Option 2:


Downsize the image to the width of 100 pixels and the height of 100 pixels and perform centered cropping. Two options are available to access the thumbnail:

Option 1:

Option 2:

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