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Change the storage class of objects

Last updated:2021-07-06 15:04:36

KS3 provides the following storage classes to cover various data storage scenarios from hot data to cold data: Standard, Infrequent Access (IA), and Archive. You can choose storage classes based on your requirements. This topic describes how to change the storage class of objects in the KS3 console.


  • In the KS3 console, you can change the storage class of a maximum of 30 objects at a time. You can also use the following methods to change the storage class of multiple objects at a time:
    1. API operation: For more information, see PUT Object Copy.
    2. SDK.
  • To change the storage class of Archive objects, restore them first. For more information, see Restore Archive objects.


  1. Log in to the KS3 console.
  2. Click Bucket in the left navigation pane. On the page that appears, click the name of the target bucket.
  3. On the Bucket Details tab, click the Content Management tab.
  4. Select the target objects and choose Batch operation > Modify Storage Class.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, select a storage class and click OK.

    Note: When you change the storage class of an object, the object is saved as a new object of the target storage class and the original object is overwritten. If you change the storage class of an object of the IA or Archive storage class and the storage duration is shorter than the specified minimum duration, you must pay the storage fees for the remaining days. For more information, see Billing method and measurement description.

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