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Last updated:2020-11-26 19:46:41

The Kingsoft Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) console consists of six parts: Summary, Configure, Content Management, Log Management, Statistic Analysis, and Advanced Tools. This topic describes the Summary page and basic configuration of a domain name.


The Summary page shows general information about the domain names under the current account, including:

  1. Critical data: the number of running domain names, total traffic usage in the current month, bandwidth peak in the current month, and real-time cache hit rate.
  2. Overview data: the domain traffic ranking, popular URLs, and carrier visits proportion.
  3. Intuitive data: the bandwidth of all domain names under the current account and requests initiated to the domain names.
  4. Important notice: the notice related to your business, such as the requirements of applicable laws.


  • Click an item in the left navigation pane to perform specific operations, for example, configure a domain name, manage content, manage logs, and make statistic analysis.
  • Click the Purge icon on the right side of a section on the Summary page to refresh the statistic information in the section.
  • Click the Details icon on the right side of a section on the Summary page to view the detailed statistic information in the section.

The following figure shows the Summary page.


Basic configuration

You can click Configure in the left navigation pane to add, view, manage, and delete domain names, and change the project to which a domain name belongs.


1. Add a domain name

Activate the Kingsoft Cloud CDN, log in to the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console, click Configure in the left navigation pane, and then click Add Domain Name.

1.1. Enter basic information

Enter a domain name, and select the project, business type, acceleration region, access protocol, back-to-origin protocol, and origin type.

Domain name configuration page for VOD, large file download, and small image file delivery


Special instructions:

  • If the domain name points to a server that is located in Mainland China, the domain name must have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing. The domain name must have not been added before. In addition, the domain name must comply with the domain name naming rule. Otherwise, the domain name may fail to be added or may be rejected.
  • The domain names of the download type can use only regions in Mainland China for acceleration. The back-to-origin protocol must be Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).
  • If the Origin Type parameter is set to Domain Name Origin, the accelerated domain name must be different from the back-to-origin domain name. Otherwise, the domain name will be rejected.
  • If the Origin Type parameter of a domain name of the download type is set to KS3, you can select the KS3 bucket that stores the origin content or enter the origin domain name of KS3.

1.2. Verify that the domain name is added


After you click Add, a success message appears, indicating that the domain name is added.

2. Configure the domain name


2.1. Edit the domain name

Click Configure in the left navigation pane, find the domain name that you want to configure, and then click Manage in the Operate column. On the page that appears, click Edit in the upper-left corner. In the dialog box that appears, select the acceleration region and origin type, and enter an origin address.


3. Verify the configuration

After the configuration, you can view the status of the added domain name on the Configure page, and management the domain name. For example, you can add, delete, modify, and view the domain name.
If the domain name is rejected, check whether the domain name lacks an ICP failing or the top-level domain name goes against applicable laws.
If the domain name is approved, it is in the Normal Running status, indicating that the domain name is ready for acceleration. You can point your domain name to the CNAME domain name to use the Kingsoft Cloud CDN service.

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