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Image EXIF information




EXIF is the abbreviation of exchangeable image file, which is a format specifically set for digital camera photos. This format can be used to record the attribute information and shooting data of digital photos. Exif includes various shooting conditions such as the aperture, shutter, white balance, ISO, focal length, date and time when the image is shot, as well as the camera brand, model, color coding, sound recorded during the shooting, and global positioning system (GPS) and thumbnail.


You need the GetObject permission for this operation. If the object you request does not exist, you may have the following two errors returned:

  • If you have the ListBucket permission on the bucket of this object, the status code 404 error will be returned;
  • If you don’t have the ListBucket permission on the bucket of this object, the status code 403 error will be returned.


https://BucketName.${domain name of the region where the bucket is located}/[email protected]@tag=exif   HTTP/1.1
Host: BucketName.${domain name of the region where the bucket is located}
Request parameters

The request requires no parameters.

Request header

The request does not require to set special header.


Response header
Header name Mandatory Description
Content-Type Yes MIME type, which is fixed as application/json
Response content

The response result is provided in Json string.

Field name Description
Make (Maker) ——
Model (Camera model) ——
Orientation (Image orientation) Normal (upper-left)
XResolution (Image resolution X) 72
YResolution (Image resolution Y) 72
ResolutionUnit (Resolution unit) Dpi
Software (Software) Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer 6.1.7600.16385
YCbCrPositioning (YCbCr Positioning) 2
ExposureTime (Exposure time) 0.00800 (1/125) sec
Special error
HTTP status code Meaning
400 Wrong request message format
404 Resources not exist
403 Access denied
500 Operation at the server side fails.


1. Enter the following request in Web browser:
https://ks3.ks3-cn-beijing.ksyun.com/image_deal/[email protected]@tag=exif

2. Get the result returned   
	Make: "Apple",
	Model: "iPhone 4S",
	Orientation: "1",
	XResolution: "72/1",
	YCbCrPositioning: "1",
	YResolution: "72/1",
	ResolutionUnit: "2",
	ExposureTime: "1/449",

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