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Last updated:2020-11-26 19:52:38

1. How long are the access logs for CDN nodes stored? How long is the delay between an action and its logging time? Can these logs be automatically synchronized to my own storage system?

A: Logs are permanently stored in Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3). You can decide when to delete them. The delay is determined by the length of time slice. For a 5-minute time slice, the delay is 2 hours. For a 30-minute time slice, the delay is 2.5 hours. For a 1-hour time slice, the delay is 3 hours. For a 1-day time slice, the delay is 6 hours. You can call an API operation to obtain the logs.

2. Can I download the acceleration logs of the previous day?

A: Yes.

3. Does Kingsoft Cloud CDN provide backend statistics and analysis services, such as URL clicks or traffic ranking? If not, can Kingsoft Cloud provide the custom services based on my needs?

A: The Kingsoft Cloud CDN console provides multidimensional statistics and analysis services.

4. Does Kingsoft Cloud CDN provide APIs for refreshing content?

A: Yes.

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