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Compatibility with the AWS S3 protocol

Last updated:2021-06-15 20:56:34

Aside from features of a few special-purpose API operations in AWS S3, KS3 API operations cover most of the basic features of AWS S3 and will continue to incorporate new features. You can seamlessly migrate most of your applications and services that use the AWS S3 protocol to KS3.

The following table describes the compatibility between KS3 and AWS S3 operations.

  Description Name Amazon Kingsoft
Service Operation Queries the information of all your buckets. GET Service
Bucket Operation Performs basic operations on your bucket. DELETE Bucket
GET Bucket(ListObjects) 
HEAD Bucket
PUT Bucket
Bucket Performs operations related to CORS. DELETE Bucket cors
GET Bucket cors
PUT Bucket cors
Bucket Performs lifecycle-related operations. DELETE Bucket lifecycle Compatible with AWS S3 aside from part-related features.
GET Bucket lifecycle
PUT Bucket lifecycle
Bucket Performs policy-related operations. DELETE Bucket policy Compatible with AWS S3 aside from condition-related fields.
GET Bucket policy
PUT Bucket policy
Bucket Performs tagging-related operations. DELETE Bucket tagging ×
GET Bucket tagging
PUT Bucket tagging
Bucket Performs website-related operations. DELETE Bucket website ×
GET Bucket website
PUT Bucket website
Bucket Performs logging-related operations. GET Bucket logging
PUT Bucket logging
Bucket Performs notification-related operations. GET Bucket notification ×
PUT Bucket notification
Bucket Performs versioning-related operations. GET Bucket versioning ×
GET Bucket Object versions
PUT Bucket versioning
Performs ACL-related operations on your bucket. PUT Bucket acl
GET Bucket acl
Bucket Performs operations related to request payment. GET Bucket requestPayment ×
PUT Bucket requestPayment
Queries all running multipart upload tasks in a bucket. List MultiPart Uploads
Object Operation Deletes an object. DELETE Object
Deletes multiple objects. Delete Multiple Objects ×
Queries an object. GET Object
Queries the ACL of an object. GET Object ACL
Queries the torrent file of an object. GET Object torrent ×
Queries the metadata of an object. HEAD Object
Allows an HTML5 browser to send a preflight request to determine if it can send an actual request with the specific origin, HTTP method, and headers. OPTIONS Object ×
Adds an object to a bucket by using an HTML POST form. POST Object
Restores an archived copy of an object in the S3 Glacier class back into Amazon S3. POST Object restore ×
Adds an object to a bucket. PUT Object
Sets an ACL for an object. PUT Object acl
Copies an object to the specified bucket. PUT Object - Copy
Performs related multipart upload operations. Initiate Multipart Upload
Upload Part
Upload Part - Copy ×
Complete Multipart Upload
Abort Multipart Upload
List Parts
Performs related object tagging operations. Delete Object Tagging
Get Object Tagging
Put Object Tagging
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