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IP detection interface

Last updated:2024-03-28 14:41:32



You can call this operation to detect whether the specified IP address is the IP address of Kingsoft cloud CDN(Content Delivery Network) node. And return the information of IP operator and province.

Request header

Request header name Required Type Description
X-Version Yes String Version number, value: 2016-09-01
X-Action Yes String Operation interface name, value: Ipcheck

Request parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
IP Yes String Specified IP. Bulk IP is not supported

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
CdnIp String Detection of cdnip of Kingsoft cloud.If yes, it is true; If not, it is false.
ISP String Internet Service Provider
Region String Region
Province String Province
City String City


Sample request

POST  /2016-09-01/service/IpCheck 1.1,
X-Amz-Date: date,
Authorization:authorization string,
x-action: IpCheck,
x-version: 2016-09-01,
Content-Type: application/json,
{"Ip": ""}

Sample response

    "Province": "江苏", 
    "City": "扬州", 
    "Region": "中国大陆", 
    "CdnIp": "true", 
    "Isp": "联通"

Enumeration Description

  • Chinese Mainland
  • Overseas

    Error code

    In order to help you locate the problem quickly, CDN classifies the error codes in a centralized way. Please refer to the instructions for use for details.

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