Configure hotlink protection

Last updated:2021-09-14 16:17:46

In KS3, you can enable the hotlink protection feature by using the blacklist or whitelist. Requests with domain names in the blacklist are blocked, and requests with domain names in the whitelist are allowed. You can manually disable the hotlink protection feature.

Conform to the following rules when you add domain names to the blacklist or the whitelist:

  • Use a comma (,) to separate domain names, without the need to add http://.
  • You can add an asterisk (*) as the wildcard before a domain name to represent multi-level subdomains under the domain name.

Some valid requests do not contain the referer header. Therefore, sometimes you may need to allow requests without the referer header. In KS3, you can specify whether to allow requests without the referer header.


  1. Log in to the KS3 console and click Bucket in the left navigation pane. On the Bucket list page, click the name of the target bucket. On the page that appears, click Bucket Settings. On the Bucket Settings tab, click Door Chain.

  2. On the Door Chain tab, click Edit, select Whitelist or Blacklist for Anti-theft Mode, and set Access Domain Name.

  3. Set the Empty Referer parameter at the bottom of the tab.

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