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The following table describes the limits of Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3).

Item Limit Excess application
Bucket - You can use a Kingsoft Cloud account to create a maximum of 50 buckets.
- After a bucket is created, its name and region cannot be changed.
- The name of a bucket must be unique in KS3.
- KS3 does not oppose limits on the capacity of a single bucket.
You can submit a ticket to apply for more than 50 buckets.
Object upload - Using the KS3 console: You can upload a maximum of 255 objects at a time, and the size of each object cannot exceed 500 MB.
- Common upload: The size of each object to be uploaded cannot exceed 5 GB.
- Multipart upload: The size of each part cannot exceed 50 TB. If the total size of objects to be uploaded does not exceed 5 MB, the size of each part except the last one cannot be less than 100 KB. If the total size of objects to be uploaded is greater than 5 MB, the size of each part except the last one must be between 5 MB and 5 GB.
- If you upload an object that has the same name with an existing object in KS3, the new object overwrites the existing object.
Not supported.
Object deletion - You cannot recover deleted objects.
- You can delete a maximum of 1,000 objects at a time in the KS3 console. To delete more than 1,000 objects at a time, use KS3 API, SDKs, KS3Explorer, or the KS3Util command line tool.
Not supported.
Domain binding - You can bind a maximum of 50 domains to a bucket. Not supported.
Picture processing - If you use KS3 to process a picture, the picture size cannot exceed 10 MB. If you use KS3 to process a GIF file, the GIF file can contain a maximum of 5 frames.
- You can use KS3 to convert pictures to the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, wbmp, bmp, and webp.
- You can obtain the dominant color of pictures of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, webp, tiff, pcx, svg, ht, gif, and wbmp. The following picture formats are not supported: ai, tga, psd, eps, raw, and pcd.
Not supported.
Lifecycle - You can create a maximum of 1,000 rules for each bucket.
- You are not allowed to change the storage type or set deletion-upon-expiration rules for objects uploaded before April 12, 2017.
Not supported.
Report statistics - The statistics in the report center has a delay of one day. Not supported.
Back-to-origin service - You can use the back-to-origin service to migrate an object of a maximum of 50 GB. If the object size exceeds 50 GB, use KS3 API or SDKs for migration. Not supported.
Bucket policy - The total size of policies cannot exceed 20 KB. Not supported.

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