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Last updated:2020-08-21 18:14:27

Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3) provides you with network-based data access services. With KS3, you can easily store and obtain pictures, audios, videos, texts and other data files through the network. KS3 will organize your uploaded data files into Buckets in the form of Objects, and then provide you with an address (domain name) for you to share or download the data files.

Via the management console, client tool or API provided by KS3, you can perform various operations, such as creating and deleting Buckets; uploading, sharing, downloading and deleting data files; and setting permissions for Objects and Buckets.

  • Provide petabyte-level storage capacity. And Buckets can be expanded on demand, without limitation;
  • Pay according to actual usage and save upfront costs, without need to consider capacity planning;
  • The service is stable and reliable, with 99.999999999% guarantee for data reliability;
  • Access data via REST API, and facilitate application development and cross-platform migration.
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