Endpoint and Region

Last updated:2020-08-22 16:22:39

Regions include: China (Beijing), China (Shanghai), China (Guangzhou), China (Hong Kong), Russia, Singapore, Financial Zone (Beijing), Financial Zone (Shanghai) and Government Zone (Beijing).

Region Region ID Public endpoint Internal endpoint
China (Beijing) BEIJING ks3-cn-beijing.ksyun.com ks3-cn-beijing-internal.ksyun.com
China (Shanghai) SHANGHAI ks3-cn-shanghai.ksyun.com ks3-cn-shanghai-internal.ksyun.com
China (Guangzhou) GUANGZHOU ks3-cn-guangzhou.ksyun.com ks3-cn-guangzhou-internal.ksyun.com
China (Qingdao) QINGDAO ks3-cn-qingdao.ksyun.com ks3-cn-qingdao-internal.ksyun.com
China (Hong Kong) HONGKONG ks3-cn-hk-1.ksyun.com ks3-cn-hk-1-internal.ksyun.com
Russia RUSSIA ks3-rus.ksyun.com ks3-rus-internal.ksyun.com
Singapore SINGAPORE ks3-sgp.ksyun.com ks3-sgp-internal.ksyun.com
Financial Zone (Beijing) JR_BEIJING ks3-jr-beijing.ksyun.com ks3-jr-beijing-internal.ksyun.com
Financial Zone (Shanghai) JR_SHANGHAI ks3-jr-shanghai.ksyun.com ks3-jr-shanghai-internal.ksyun.com
Government Zone (Beijing) GOV_BEIJING ks3-gov-beijing.ksyun.com ks3-gov-beijing-internal.ksyun.com


  • 307 will be returned if corresponding public endpoint is not configured, and this operation will jump to the region where the bucket is located.
  • Please contact your business specialist for the use of financial zone and government zone, or you can submit the work order to activate corresponding privilege.

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