Domain name binding

Last updated:2020-08-21 18:14:27

KS3 allows you to bind custom domain name to KS3 bucket, so you can access objects in the bucket with custom domain name. You can migrate the storage to KS3 seamlessly, and you can also avoid the security problem of the domain name. After the domain name is bound successfully, you can access KS3 with custom domain name after you add CNAME record which points to the corresponding Internet domain name of the bucket.

For the operation through the console, see Manage the bucket through the console - Bind domain names.


  1. The custom domain name to be bound needs to be filed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, otherwise the binding will fail.

  2. The custom domain name to be bound cannot be bound to two or more buckets in the same region under current account.

  3. Each bucket can be bound to up to 50 domain names.

  4. Each bucket can have up to 50 domain name binding records (including successful binding records and wrong binding records due to domain name not filed, domain name conflict and other reasons).

  5. After the domain name is bound successfully, when you access the object in the bucket with the custom domain name, you do not need to enter the bucket name in the access address field.

    For example, you create a bucket named mybucket in Beijing region and bind the custom domain name

    The following shows wrong URL:

  6. You must bind the custom domain name certificate through the CDN console, while KS3 console does not support the custom domain name certificate binding at present.

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