Delete Files

Last updated:2020-08-21 18:14:27

Delete files

If you no longer need to store an uploaded file, you can delete it to avoid further charges. You can delete an individual file or in-batch files through the console. You can also make in-batch deletion via expiry deletion policy, KS3 tools, and SDK.

Delete a single file

1.Select the files you want to delete and click 【More】->【Delete】 button.


2.The delete dialog pops up.


3.Click [OK] to complete the deletion.

Delete files in batch

1.Select one or more files and click 【Batch operation】->【Delete】.


2.The delete dialog pops up


3.Click OK to delete it, and users can view the progress of deletion.


Delete a directory

Deleting of directory should follow the rules below:

  1. Only one directory can be deleted at a time. Multiple-directory deletion is not supported.
  2. Deleting both directory and file at the same time is not supported.
  3. The number of files in a directory cannot exceed 1000. If there are more than 1,000 files, you need to use KS3 tools and SDK to delete.

Select the directory to be deleted that meets the above conditions, and click the [Delete] button. In the pop-up deletion confirmation box, click the [OK] button to delete, and users can view the progress of deletion.


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