Share and download objects

Last updated:2021-07-06 15:04:36

If you set the access permission of an object to Public when you upload the object, the external hyperlink of the object is available in the object details after the object is uploaded. You can use the external hyperlink to directly share the object. You can also share a private object by performing the following steps:

Procedure for temporarily sharing a private object

  1. In the object list, click the name of the object that you want to share, or click Details in the Action column of the object.

  2. In the panel that appears, specify a period after which the external link expires and click OK.

  3. Click Copy to copy the external link for sharing.

Note: You must restore an Archive storage object before you can share it.

Downloads objects


In the object list, find the object that you want to download and click Download in the Action column.

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