Upload objects

Last updated:2021-10-22 14:23:11

Upload objects

You can upload any types of objects to a bucket. You can upload a maximum of 255 objects in the KS3 console, and the size of each object cannot exceed 500 MB. If an object exceeds 500 MB in size, you need to upload it by using multipart upload API operations. For more information, see Multipart Upload.

You can also upload objects by using KS3 tools.


  1. Log in to the KS3 console.
  2. Click Bucket in the left navigation pane. On the page that appears, click the name of the bucket to which you want to upload objects.
  3. On the Bucket Details tab, click the Content Management tab. On the Content Management tab, click File Uploading.


  1. In the Upload files panel, select one or more objects. You can select one or more objects or folders, or drag them to the box as prompted.


  1. Set the Storage type parameter. For more information about the storage classes, see Storage class.
  2. Set the Access Control parameter.
  3. Click OK to upload the objects.

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