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Error codes

Last updated:2021-04-28 11:03:07

messageHTTP StatusDescription
AccessDenied403Access denied
BadDigest400Summary of errors
BucketAlreadyExists409Bucket already exists
BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou409The user is already the bucket owner
BucketNotEmpty409Bucket is not empty
InternalError500Internal error
InvalidAccessKey403Invalid AccessKey
InvalidACLString400Invalid ACL configuration
InvalidAuthorizationString400Invalid validation string
InvalidBucketName400Invalid bucket name
InvalidDateFormat400Invalid date format
InvalidDigest400Invalid summary
InvalidEncryptionAlgorithm400Invalid specified encryption algorithm
InvalidHostHeader400Invalid header information
InvalidParameter400Invalid parameter
InvalidPath400Invalid path
InvalidQueryString400Invalid request string
InvalidRange416Invalid range
KeyTooLong400Key is too long
MetadataTooLarge400metadata too large
MethodNotAllowed405Unsupported method
MissingDateHeader400Missing data in header
MissingHostHeader400Missing host in header information
NoSuchBucket404The bucket does not exist
NoSuchKey404The key does not exist
NotImplemented501Unprocessable method
RequestTimeTooSkewed403The difference between the time of request initiation and the time of server is more than 15 minutes
SignatureDoesNotMatch403Signature mismatch
TooManyBuckets400The number of users Bucket exceeds the limit.
URLExpired403URL expired
BadParams400Parameter error
ImageTypeNotSupport400Image type not supported
MissingFormArgs400No policy Uploaded
ContentRangeError400Range error
ContentLengthOutOfRange400The content of the uploaded file is greater than range
PolicyError400Policy error
ExpirationError400No expiration in policy
FormUnmatchPolicy400Content in form does not match policy
RequestEntityTooLarge413The size of the uploaded file does not meet the limit
Request Timeout408Timeout occurs when the server waits for a request
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