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Last updated:2023-05-19 15:40:22

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a customer. Particular aspects of the service quality, availability, and responsibilities are agreed between the service provider and the customer.

To ensure high service quality, Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network Technologies Co., Ltd. (Kingsoft Cloud for short) makes the following commitment on the service quality on Kingsoft Cloud CDN to you:

1. Service range

Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides download and live streaming acceleration services, including acceleration for VOD, large file download, small image file delivery, and live streaming.

Kingsoft Cloud CDN distributes content on the origin server to edge nodes to provide fast content delivery for users.

2. Service metrics

2.1. Data persistence

Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides the cache service. Data cached on edge nodes is sorted by access frequency, and the least frequently accessed data is automatically phased out.

2.2. Data erasability

Kingsoft Cloud CDN caches files and allows you to delete the files as required. After the files are deleted, they cannot be restored on any edge node of Kingsoft Cloud. However, when users request the files again, they will be cached again.

2.3. Data transferability

Kingsoft Cloud CDN consists of hundreds of edge nodes and uses the intelligent scheduling system to allocate the node resources. Data is distributed on edge nodes that serve you.

2.4. Data privacy

2.4.1. All the edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN are under strict security protection, so that user data will not be stolen by any third party.

2.4.2. You can configure hotlinking protection and access authentication policies as required to control and isolate external access requests and ensure data privacy.

2.4.3. Unless stipulated by applicable laws and regulations, or according to the supervisory and audit requirements of regulatory departments, Kingsoft Cloud will not provide customer data, access records, application logs, and behavioral logs to any third party.

2.5. Right to know

2.5.1. You data is cached and distributed on the edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN throughout China. The edge nodes are allocated based on the domain name access information. You can query the distribution of edge nodes used for a domain name to learn the distribution of cached data.

2.5.2. The data centers (DCs) of Kingsoft Cloud CDN abides by local laws and regulations. You are entitled to know the DCs and you can contact the customer service center of Kingsoft Cloud CDN to obtain more information.

2.5.3. Customer data, access records, application logs, and behavioral logs will be used only for analyzing the running status of Kingsoft Cloud CDN. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party. The data stored in the Kingsoft Cloud DCs in China will not be backed up in Kingsoft Cloud DCs located outside China, or used for business or data analysis outside China.

2.6. Data auditability

In the event of a security accident or risk, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, or based on the requirements of the regulatory department for supervision, security compliance, audit, or forensics, Kingsoft Cloud can provide information about the services you use when Kingsoft Cloud is presented with standard and required formality. The information includes running logs of critical components, operation records of O&M engineers, and your operation records.

2.7. Services

2.7.1. Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides download and live streaming acceleration services. The download acceleration services accelerate webpage access, VOD, and downloads. The live streaming acceleration services accelerate content delivery for event live streaming and recreational activity live streaming. The services can be billed by traffic or bandwidth.

2.7.2. Kingsoft Cloud CDN allows you to configure domain names and obtain statistical reports by using the Kingsoft Cloud CDN console or API. For more information about the features of Kingsoft Cloud CDN, see the operation manual, technical manual, and help manual of Kingsoft Cloud CDN.

2.7.3. According to the sole judgment of Kingsoft Cloud, all failures and feature changes that may affect users will be publicized to you.

2.8. Service resource scheduling capability

Kingsoft Cloud CDN services do not have bandwidth or storage limits. If a domain name uses less than 100 Gbit/s bandwidth, resources will be automatically scaled without manual application. If the bandwidth used by the domain name exceeds 100 Gbit/s, you must submit a written application to Kingsoft Cloud at least three business days in advance to apply for a bandwidth increase. Kingsoft Cloud shall not be held liable for the consequence of service unavailability if you do not apply for a bandwidth increase in advance.

2.9. Failback capability

Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides at least two networks and two sets of network devices to respond to any network link failure and ensure service continuity. Kingsoft Cloud CDN also provides 24/7 maintenance services. You can submit a ticket or call the customer service center to obtain technical support. Kingsoft Cloud CDN comes with an all-round emergency response mechanism that supports fault monitoring, automatic alarming, quick locating, and quick recovery.

2.10. Network access performance

The edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN are deployed in high-quality DCs. Kingsoft Cloud CDN ensures network access performance by scheduling resources of the DCs to avoid impact of bandwidth issues.

2.11. Billing accuracy

Kingsoft Cloud CDN services come with an accurate and transparent billing system. Kingsoft Cloud charges you on a monthly basis according to the use of Kingsoft Cloud CDN services. The specific billing mode and price are subject to the agreement signed between Kingsoft Cloud and you. By default, the billing data is retained for at least three years, and original billing logs are retained for at least six months.

2.12. Service availability

Service availability ≥ 99.9%

Formula for calculating service availability: **Normal service time in a service cycle/Total service time in a service cycle


Service cycle It means a calendar month. If you have used the service for less than one month, the accumulative use time of the service in the month is taken as one service cycle.
Service downtime If the error rate in a statistical period, in the unit of 5 minutes, exceeds 0.05%, the service is considered as unavailable in this statistical period. If Kingsoft Cloud CDN is unavailable in a time period of 10 minutes or longer, this time period is defined as service downtime.
Error rate calculation formula (Errors that occur when the edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN are available in the statistical period + Requests that fail because the edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN are unavailable in the statistical period)/All requests in the statistical period. Errors that occur when the edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN are available in the statistical period: the number of 5xx, 403, or 499 errors that occurred due to system failure of Kingsoft Cloud CDN, configuration failure of Kingsoft Cloud CDN, or device breakdown in the statistical period. Requests that fail because the edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN are unavailable in the statistical period: the average requests in the statistical period in the last seven days on an unavailable node multiplied by the service downtime of the node in the statistical period.

The errors that occur in the following cases are excluded from the statistics:

  • A 5xx error is caused by a back-to-origin error.
  • The domain name is forbidden due to content in breach of regulation or any other reason.
  • An error is caused by you, a third party, or force majeure.

3. Compensation terms

3.1. Compensation range

Kingsoft Cloud will compensate you for the service unavailability that results from Kingsoft Cloud device failure, design defect, or misoperation of Kingsoft Cloud. The service unavailability caused by the following situations is beyond the compensation range:

  • System maintenance operations performed by Kingsoft Cloud with prior notice, including cutovers, repairs, upgrades, and failure simulation drills
  • Faults or configuration changes on networks or devices that are not provided by Kingsoft Cloud
  • Issues caused by you or a third party
  • Issues caused by force majeure or unexpected events
  • Issues caused by other reasons that shall not owe to Kingsoft Cloud

3.2. Compensation scheme

If the service availability does not reach the level stipulated in this SLA, Kingsoft Cloud will offer you compensation according to ten times of the service downtime.

Service downtime (in minutes) = Issue end time - Issue start time

Compensation = Average fee per minute in the month x Service downtime x 10


  • The compensation is valid to customers who have used and paid for the Kingsoft Cloud CDN service. The compensation is implemented by offsetting the bill generated in the month. The compensation cannot be cashed.
  • The compensation must not exceed the total payable amount in the month.
  • You shall report the service unavailability issue in seven days after the issue occurs and apply for compensation. Otherwise, you cannot obtain compensation.

4. Miscellaneous

Kingsoft Cloud reserves the right to amend the terms of this SLA. Kingsoft Cloud shall notify you of any amendment to the terms of this SLA thirty (30) days in advance through a website announcement or an email. If you do not agree to Kingsoft Cloud's modifications to this SLA, you are entitled to stop using the Kingsoft Cloud CDN service. If you continue to use the Kingsoft Cloud CDN service, it is deemed that you have accepted the modified SLA.

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