Last updated:2020-11-26 19:57:33

The acceleration services of Kingsoft Cloud CDN can be applied to websites, VOD, file downloads, and live streaming services to achieve one-stop distributed acceleration and processing. Kingsoft Cloud CDN applies in the following typical scenarios:

Website acceleration

* Accelerates delivery of static resources on a website or in an application. * Accelerates downloads and delivery of website content such as images and short videos to improve user experience and network availability.

VOD and file downloads

* Accelerates VOD content delivery for long video and short video services, and accelerates downloads of files of different sizes and in different formats, such as MP4 files, FLV files, and installation packages. * Supports features such as throttling and drag-and-drop to provide users with high-performance delivery services.

Live streaming acceleration

* Supports different streaming protocols such as RTMP, HTTP+FLV, and HLS, acceleration across routers, gateways, and firewalls, audio and video synchronization, and consistent streaming experience for users located in different regions. * Optimizes user experience with vast edge nodes deployed around the world and multiple security mechanisms.

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