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Refresh and prefetch

Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides the refresh and prefetch feature. With this feature, you can synchronize updates of the origin server to the edge nodes of Kingsoft Cloud CDN in time.

Self-service configuration

Kingsoft Cloud CDN comes with a self-service management console. In this console, you can manage accelerated domain names, for example, you can add, delete, edit, and query accelerated domain names. You can configure cache policies and hotlinking protection for edge nodes. The configuration takes effect globally in 5 to 10 minutes.

Business analysis

Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides extensive business statistics, for example, statistics on the bandwidth, traffic, hit rate, status code, data distribution, unique IP address, live data, and period-on-period bandwidth comparison. Kingsoft Cloud CDN also allows you to download statistical reports.

Log service

Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides detailed access logs. You can obtain the access logs from edge nodes in real time and perform statistics collection and analysis based on the access logs.


Kingsoft Cloud CDN provides a scalable API. You can use the API to manage accelerated domain names, deploy services, and obtain extensive statistics data.

Security protection

Kingsoft Cloud CDN supports Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and provides enterprise-level protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) and Challenge Collapsar (CC) attacks to ensure data security.

Application support

Kingsoft Cloud CDN supports acceleration for different applications, including webpage access, downloads, VoD, event live streaming, social live streaming, mobile game live streaming, and show live streaming.

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