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Connect to a cluster by using a local Helm client

Last updated:2023-05-23 18:05:41

This topic describes how to use a local Helm client to connect to a KCE cluster.

Install and configure kubectl on a local PC

For more information, see Connect to a Kubernetes cluster by using kubectl.

Download the Helm client

Download the client of an applicable version. By default, the Helm client V3.5.4 or V2.13.0 is installed for KCE.

tar -zxvf helm-v3.5.4-linux-amd64.tar.gz
mv linux-amd64/helm /usr/local/bin/helm

Manage Helm applications by using the Helm client

Run the following command to verify the Helm client:

[root@vm10-0-11-193 ~]# helm ls
NAME    NAMESPACE   REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART               APP VERSION
test    default     1           2021-07-15 21:33:39.78202073 +0800 CST  deployed    postgresql-10.5.2   11.12.0
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