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Basic operations on helm charts

Last updated:2021-05-11 10:39:26

This topic describes the following basic operations on Helm charts:

Operations in the console

Upload a Helm chart

  1. Log in to the KCE console.
  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Image Repository > Helm Charts.
  3. On the My Helm Chart tab, select an appropriate namespace, click Upload, and then select the chart to be uploaded.

Operations in the CLI


  1. kubectl and Helm clients are installed and configured on a local computer. For more information, see Connect to a cluster by using a local helm client.

  2. The repository of Kingsoft Cloud Helm charts is added to the local client. In this example, the region is CN North 1 (Beijing).

    helm repo add mycharts --username=myname --password=mypassword
    "mycharts" has been added to your repositories


    • mychart: The namespace of your image repository.
    • myname: The ID of your image repository, which is the ID of your Kingsoft Cloud account.
    • mypassword: The password used to log in to your image repository.
  3. Install the official Helm push plug-in.
    helm plugin install

Upload a chart

  1. Run the following command to upload a chart file:
    helm push ./helm-apps mychart
  2. Run the following command to upload a compressed chart package:
    helm push ./helm-apps.tgz mychart

Download a chart

  1. Run the following command to download the chart of the latest version:
    helm fetch mychart/helm-app
  2. Run the following command to download the chart of the specified version:
    helm fetch mychart/helm-app --version 1.0.0
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