Select a network plug-in for a Kubernetes cluster

Last updated:2021-05-11 10:41:31

KCE provides two network plug-ins: Flannel and Canal. This topic describes the two network plug-ins for your references when you select a network plug-in for a new cluster.

Flannel: a simple and stable Container Network Interface (CNI) plug-in developed by the community. This plug-in is combined with the host routing capability of Kingsoft Cloud VPC to provide high performance and stable cluster network experience. However, Flannel does not allow you to set the isolation policy in clusters. For example, network policies cannot be set based on Kubernetes standards.

Canal: a network plug-in that combines Flannel and the Felix component of Calico. This plug-in is fully compatible with Flannel. Canal also allows you to define network policies based on Kubernetes standards to control access between containers.

If you do not require these network policies, you can select Flannel. In other situations, Canal is recommended.

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