Last updated:2021-05-21 10:59:11

Cluster management

  1. KCE is compatible with all existing host types of Kingsoft Cloud, allowing you to conveniently and efficiently manage clusters that run containers.
  2. KCE provides you with exclusive cluster resources. Multi-tenant isolation is achieved at the underlying resource level, ensuring the isolation of your business.
  3. You can deploy a cluster across availability zones in a VPC to ensure high availability of your business.
  4. Cluster scaling is supported. You can scale your cluster on demand based on business workloads.
  5. KCE supports the monitoring of nodes in a cluster and allows you to customize monitoring alert policies.

Image management

  1. KCE provides the acceleration service for downloading official Docker images.
  2. KCE provides safe and reliable enterprise-level private image repositories. You can store your private images in a private image repository to ease management.
  3. KCE allows you to download private images and official Docker images over your private network. This speeds up pulling of images.
  4. KCE provides the ability to pull images from all regions over the public network.

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